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Daniele Sansalone is a rising Hair-Stylist with a very respectable curriculum.
He began his training at the mod's hair Paris academy in Ivrea.
He was then hired at the mod's hair salon in Turin.

Three years later he embarks on a new training path, two completely different realities and two philosophies.

He starts working at FORBIE ’in Piazza Castello in Turin dealing with the stylistic part.

After about 4 years he moves to the capital where another 6 years of work and training with TIGI await him.

In August 2017 he opens his civic salon eleven hair evolution, a salon specialized in the most popular coloring techniques ...
A reference salon for all those people who want to always keep up with the trends of the moment by offering personalized advice so that the customer can find the perfect look for every occasion.

In April 2018 we find him on estética where he is recognized as OPINIÓN LEADER thus starting to collaborate with many brands.
Hence the idea of ​​creating an e-commerce site, a virtual store where you can buy from the comfort of your home, view the services offered and the latest news.

You can find a lot of items from hair products to make-up through accessories, in short, an ever-expanding concept store.

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